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Create, collaborate, negotiate and sign your CRE deals in one secure place with Propdocs.

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Efficiency. Transparency. Trust.

Propdocs brings efficiency, transparency, and trust to the CRE transaction process through a single and secure cloud-based platform.

Built for CRE
Work smarter, not harder

It’s time to move past hundreds of emails, phone calls, and mounds of unnecessary paperwork. Propdocs brings efficiency to the CRE process by providing a single and simple solution to effectively manage your deals.

Collaborate in the Cloud
Close deals faster by editing and redlining in real-time

Propdocs make collaborating with your team and negotiating with third parties painless and transparent. Get full visibility into your documents and track every change to ensure nothing slips through the cracks!


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Scalable and Secure
Trust a single source of truth

Unlike scattered folders on your desktop and outdated PDFs, Propdocs keeps your agreements and negotiations centralized, safe, and secure using the latest data encryption technology.

Don’t Accept Inefficiency

Control every step of the process and never lose track of a deal 

Manage All Your Deals

Whether you have one property or hundreds, manage your portfolio on one secure and straightforward platform designed specifically for commercial real estate transactions.

Bring Your Own Agreement

With our easy-to-use full-featured document editor, you have full visibility and control of all documents and can add or create any kind of agreement in a fraction of the time.

Collaborate Securely in the Cloud

Stop marking up PDFs! Invite all parties to collaborate on one document stored securely in the cloud, ensuring you always maintain the most recent version of document changes. 

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