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Full Visibility and Control

View all of your new and pending deals, manage your team, set team member roles and track transactions all from within Propdocs.

  • PCustom Permissions
  • PCloud Based
  • PUnlimited Users

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      Bring your own agreements

      Still using Microsoft Word? Manage all of your documents in one place by migrating your templates easily or building them from scratch with our browser-based editor designed specifically for commercial real estate transactions.

      • PSmart Data Fields
      • PTemplate Management
      • PIntegrated Summary

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      Work in Real-Time

      We know that negotiating contracts is never a simple process, but with Propdocs it can be! As a single source of truth, teams and third parties can safely collaborate and negotiate on agreements in Propdocs quickly and efficiently. All parties work together to come to an agreement in record time.

      • PTrack All Changes
      • PPrivate/Public Comments
      • PVersion Control

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      Get Agreements Signed Fast(er)

      Ditch the PDFs and securely collect legally binding eSignatures directly through Propdocs without having to switch tools or platforms.

      • PEmbedded eSignature
      • PSigning Permissions
      • PTyped or Drawn signatures

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      Cloud Document Editor

      Create and edit documents online with an auto-save feature that will ensure you never lose your latest updates.


      Template Management

      Store and manage versions of all your templates, including agreements, clauses, and schedules – all in one place.


      Track Changes

      Gain complete visibility into all document changes, while maintaining control over what is accepted or declined.


      Public/Private Comments

      Add comments directly on Propdocs and choose whether they are visible to your internal teams, or all parties in the deal.

      Built-in eSignature

      All Propdocs subscriptions come with legally binding, unlimited e-signatures built securely into the document editor.

      Real-Time Collaboration

      Instead of countless emails and back and forth phone calls, Propdocs lets you collaborate online and in real-time.

      User Permissions

      Maintain granular control of your agreements and access rights to protect confidentiality and mitigate risk.


      Version Control

      View all versions of a document in chronological order and quickly compare previous versions.


      Smart Field Data

      Propdocs structures key terms and critical dates to help you make decisions without relying on traditional abstracts.

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