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How ENCOR Advisors™ Saves Time Closing Deals with Propdocs™

Headquartered in Toronto, ENCOR Advisors™ is a privately-held, occupier-focused commercial real estate firm that launched in 2021 as the evolution of a top-performing team under a new generation of leadership. The firm is led by recognized market leaders previously with Devencore (a pioneer in Canadian tenant representation services) who have joined forces to continue delivering client-focused solutions through lasting partnerships and industry expertise.

Rooted in its Client-First philosophy, ENCOR is continually evolving its existing practices through cutting-edge technology and data analytics to streamline its process and provide even better value to its clients. To help support this vision, ENCOR turned to Propdocs to improve its internal process for reviewing agreements before sharing them with counterparties. Propdocs Deal Success Platform provides industry-tailored technology that allows the firm to centralize documentation, streamline communication, and simplify transactions – ultimately improving the client experience.


Why ENCOR Advisors™ wanted to streamline its internal process

Competing Document Management Systems

Before Propdocs, ENCOR didn’t have a central source of truth for internal and external documents. Brokers continually switched between MS Word and Email, making the lease transaction process overly complicated, and leaving room for disorganization, confusion and delays as brokers tried to keep track of multiple documents and client deals.

Inefficient Deal Flow

Without a central document platform, ENCOR found it difficult to maintain continuity across teams. The constant back and forth between competing stakeholders was extremely time-consuming, especially for small to mid-sized tenants who preferred a more efficient process and simpler deal terms. ENCOR needed a more efficient way to manage proposals, counter-proposals, and term sheets over time.

Overcomplicated Practices

Rooted in old practices, and resistant to new technology, the CRE industry as a whole is rife with inefficiencies, even for top-performing experts. Driven by a new generation of leadership, ENCOR turned to new technology to differentiate itself from its competitors. It sought new solutions to simplify and streamline its internal operations in order to improve the velocity of deals, reduce pain points in the leasing process and provide better value and experience for its clients.


“We no longer waste time searching through emails for revisions – instead we have a central, secure place for the entirety of the leasing process from LOI and agreement drafting through to esigning. “

Rob Renaud, ENCOR Advisors™ President


Why ENCOR Advisors™ Chose Propdocs

A single source of trust

With Propdocs, ENCOR now has a central platform to manage, create and collaborate on documents, eliminating time-consuming back and forth and significantly streamlining its internal review process. Teams have the ability to edit, comment and track changes in real-time on a centralized document that automatically versionizes agreements. This ensures everyone is working off the latest version, while also providing a single source of truth for both internal and external applications.

Faster, simpler deals

By using Propdocs, ENCOR now has the platform and workflows needed to more efficiently facilitate deals, regardless of each party’s real estate sophistication and technology awareness. Integrated and automated tracked changes and version control means there are no trust issues when sharing documents externally. From agreement drafting through signing, Propdocs allows ENCOR to streamline and simplify its process, affording time savings, greater trust among all parties, and a better client experience.

End-to-end solution

Already a satisfied client of Propdocs’ sister company (Spacelist), ENCOR turned to Propdocs for a comprehensive contract solution. Propdocs leverages decades of experience to offer an end-to-end platform for CRE professionals. With custom deal flow features and integrated e-signing, users can prepare, draft, and negotiate documents in one place, eliminating third-party signing platforms and streamlining the process – ensuring a complete audit trail, saving time and money.

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