Product Roadmap

Below you can see what features and product updates we are planning.


Advanced Activity Feed

Access an audit trail of all the actions and events that have occurred within each deal with our new advanced activity feed. 


Document Minimap

Indicator of your current location within the document and the visible portion of the document. The ability to intake the whole length of a document makes it easier and faster to edit.

Template Publishing

Templates will be able to be versioned and published allowing for more control over which versions of a template are available to your team. 

Smart Data Fields

Specific deal terms will be captured within documents and made available to be inserted into any document within the deal. All your dates, terms and rates will easily be available as structured data. 

Smart Task List

Create task list templates to use within Deals. Associate tasks with documents to automatically mark the task as complete when the document is signed.


Advanced PDF Export

During the negotiation process, export a document with suggestions accepted, discarded, or redlined.

Custom Notifications

Create custom and automated notifications for any event during the life of the lease.

Adjustable Margins

Allow a user to modify all the page margins (top, left, bottom, right).


Want to suggest features? We'd love to hear from you!