SimpleLease is now Propdocs

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Our mission has always been to simplify CRE transactions, and ultimately add transparency and trust while eliminating inefficiencies.  What we found was that while our name had the word ‘simple’ in it, it didn’t highlight our true mission, nor the capabilities of our platform. While we are currently focusing on lease transactions, we’ve built our application flexible enough to be used for a wide range of CRE transactions (i.e. purchases). We also learned that ‘SimpleLease’ implied the use of a specific standardized template – which is not the case.

We are a full ‘bring your own document’ platform, allowing users to create and maintain their own document templates. Another interesting learning was saying “SimpleLease” was not as easy to articulate as we thought…many times what people hear is “simplease” or “simple ease” – which clearly is not what we were going for 🙂 For the reasons above, as well as a MAJOR new product update, we are now operating under the Propdocs banner. Interested in a demo of our latest and greatest solution? Request a Demo today and we’d love to show you what it has to offer.