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Counterparty Guide

If you are here, someone probably invited you to a deal in Propdocs. This article is an introduction to the product and guides you through what to expect when working on documents in Propdocs. For additional help, click the chat bubble in the lower right corner to ask a question!

If this is the first time you have been sent a deal in Propdocs you will be asked for a few details to secure your account.

Why do I have to create a Propdocs account?

There are a few important things to note:

  • Your account is free. You have full access to deals you are invited to, and you can invite others to those deals as well (for free).
  • Your account is secure. Your counterparty (the Propdocs user who invited you to the deal) can only see documents and comments you explicitly share with them and make public.
  • Your account is equipped with features to streamline the review and negotiation process. All parties can streamline communication and centralize documents without manual version tracking or messy email threads!

Learn more about Propdocs here!


Reviewing a document

Once you have created your secured account, you’ll be taken directly to the document that was shared with you. You can edit the document as you would with MS Word or Google Docs simply by adding text, tables, images, etc. All of your changes (aka Suggestions) will be tracked accordingly.

Note: If you’ve only been invited to the deal, but have not been shared a document, you’ll have access to a deal overview page. Here you can see the deal details and if requested, you can upload a document to the deal. If you’re expecting to see a document that was supposed to be shared with you, please contact your counterparty. You’ll receive an email notification if/when they share document(s) with you.



If you have questions or notes to make, you can add a comment using the comment bubbles that appear when you highlight any text in the document. Comments can be private (viewable by your team only) or made public (viewable by all parties). Learn more about commenting here!


Sending for Review

Once you have made any/all changes necessary, you can send the document for counterparty review, or request internal approval from your team.

Sending for counterparty review will give them the opportunity to review your suggestions, add new suggestions, add comments, and respond to your team’s suggestions.

Requesting internal approval will require you to identify teammates to review and approve the document before you (or anyone on your team) can send it back to the counterparty. More details about internal reviews can be found here.


Ready to Sign

When you’re ready to sign, click “Ready to Sign”. This will lock the document (no further edits by anyone) and allow the counterparty to start preparing the document to collect signatures.

Note: All suggestions in the document must be accepted or rejected before your team can indicate you’re ‘ready to sign.’ To ensure everyone agrees on the latest document version, all your suggestions must be accepted by the counterparty, which requires the document to be sent to them for final review.


Create & upload documents for this deal

Exiting the document editor will take you to the deal overview page, including all the deal details and all the documents shared with you.

Here you can create documents from scratch (i.e. “blank document”) or upload PDF files to the deal. Only your team will have access to these documents, unless you decide to share them with your counterparty.


Invite teammates to the deal

You can also invite others (colleagues, clients, outside counsel, etc) to access the deal on Propdocs (for free). You can manage each persons permissions within the deal by clicking “Manage Participants” – “Your Deal Team”, or by going to the ‘Members’ page in the main navigation (on the left side). Details on the various permission levels can be found here.