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Does my Counterparty have to use Propdocs?

Propdocs is free for your counterparty to use. To invite them to Propdocs, follow our instructions on how to invite a counterparty to a deal.

If your counterparty simply prefers to receive a document via email, you have the option to email documents directly from the Propdocs document editor. The document will be sent as a PDF, and responses from your counterparty will be available in the Deal Activity (including attachments).

Send documents via email by going to the document editor:

  1. Click on “Request” dropdown at the top right
  2. Click “Review via Email”
  3. Confirm your recipient, add a custom subject line and message
  4. Click “Send”



Document Activity:
When one of the recipients responds to the email, you will receive a notification. The reply can be viewed in the Deal Activity and will include any attachments and notes your recipient included.