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How Do I Add Form Fields?

When you upload a pdf to a deal directly or as a template, you have the ability to create form fields for that document to be filled out by users with the correct permissions or yourself. You can use the form builder to create a form from scratch, convert a non-fillable pdf to one that is fillable, or add additional custom fields to an already fillable pdf.

1. To open the form builder, click “Open Form Builder” in any pdf document or template uploaded by your team.


2. Add checkboxes and textfields to the document by clicking the appropriate icon in the toolbar and creating the form field.


3. Close the form builder when you are done. The fields you added can now be filled in for this document or template by users with the appropriate permissions.

The Form Builder is a great way to convert documents to fillable pdfs. Soon we will be introducing an auto-detect feature which will detect the appropriate placement of form fields based on the documents content.