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How do I request an internal approval from my team to review a document?

If a document needs to be approved by a specific person or persons before it is sent for counterparty review and/or signing, you can set up approvers within your dcument. You can request internal approval on a document your team is drafting or reviewing.

To complete an internal approval:

1. Go to the document and request an internal approval

2. Select the approvers and decide if all or just one needs to approve the document

3. All the selected approvers will be sent an email to login and provide their approval

4. All requested approvers will be given the option to review the document in its current state (no edits can be made to the document). If an approver rejects the document, the document is returned back to an editable state. If an approver approves the document, the document will remain un-editable and await any other required approvals.

5. Once fully approved, the document will be in a locked state and can be sent to your counterparty or for signing

During the approval process, the document will be ‘locked’ in a read-only state for all teammates and approvers.