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How do I manage signers for my document?

The sidebar in the document editor can be used to manage the signers for that document. 

Adding signers

To add a signer utilize the “Add Signers” section in the sidebar:

  1. Input a valid email address
  2. Click Add signer
  3. Signer is added 

Modifying signers

Signers can be modified in 3 ways after creation; email changed, signing order changed, and deleted. For all three actions navigate to the “Signing Order” section in the sidebar:

  1. Click on the signer pill and drag along the list to re-order among other signers
  2. Click on the edit icon to input a new email and confirm
  3. Click on the trash icon to delete the signer and confirm  

Identifying Signing locations

For each signer a ‘signature’ placement is required prior to the document being sent for signing. In addition to a location for ‘signature’ you can identify places for free text, the date signed, and the signers initials (all of which are optional additions). 

  1. Select a signer in the ‘Insert Signers’ dropdown
  2. Drag and drop signature, initial, date signed, or text field in to the document
  3. Adjust placement or size of signature location by dragging and manipulating the inserted block

When all the signers have been added, and their signing locations identified in the document, it can now be sent for signing. This will tigger the the first signer in the signing order being contacted to sign the document.

Note: The text field can be used for a variety of different cases. Some common uses are to ask the signer to provide their legal name and title.