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Propdocs Guide – Next Steps

This guide will help you and your team quickly get familiar with the main workflows of Propdocs.

If you’d like to book a demo with our team, please contact us at sales@propdocs.com.

1. Getting Started with Propdocs

If you do not already have a Propdocs account, follow the instructions here to create one for free.

Once you are signed in, we recommend inviting your teammates to your workspace. Remember,  your Propdocs subscription includes unlimited team members!

You can create multiple workspaces, for different offices or business units, and invite different teammates to each workspace.

2. Creating a Deal and First Document

To create your deal, follow our deal creation guide, and then you can create your first document for this deal from the Deal Overview page.

You have several options for creating a document: Use an existing template, start from scratch, and upload a PDF/DocX.

You may not have access to any templates yet, preventing you from creating a document from a Template. For more information on creating Templates and accessing the Template Manager, follow our guide on creating a template.


3. Collaborating with your team

Your teammates can access the deals and documents inside the workspace they have access to. You can update each teammate’s permissions by following our permissions guide.

Team members with the appropriate permissions can create, edit and share documents. All comments and suggestions made to a document will be visible in the document’s activity sidebar. Uploaded PDF documents can be annotated with free text, strike-throughs, and notes by you and your team members.

You can also request Internal Approval for any document you are drafting or reviewing. Once approval is requested, the document is locked, and the specified teammate(s) are notified to approve or reject the document.

4. Ready for your Counterparty?

When you and your team are finished editing the document, the next step is to send the document to your counterparty. If you want to get it signed, skip to section 5 below.

We offer two easy and convenient ways to share documents with a counterparty, including on Propdocs and directly via email.

When you send the document to review on Propdocs, your counterparty will receive a link via email to review the document on Propdocs. Your counterparty will be able to share the deal with their teammates, collaborate on all documents you share with them in that deal, and create/upload their own. We also have a complete guide for the counterparty experience that can be shared.

If your counterparty requests to only receive the document via email, Propdocs has that functionality. Propdocs can send documents to any email address as an attachment while tracking all replies and comments for you. By automagically capturing email replies and attachments, we eliminate the headaches of searching for emails and uncertainty about the latest version. You can learn more about this document review process here.

5. Send for Signing

When the time has come to prepare and send your document for signing, you can do it all right on Propdocs! If you’ve ever used Docusign, Hellosign, Authentisign, or any leading signature solution, you’ll feel right at home! Add up to 50 signers, create a signing order, and place signatures/initial/text/date blocks easily into the document.

Once you’re ready to collect signatures, it’s as easy as clicking “Send for Signing”, and all the recipients will receive a link to sign. After signing is complete, everyone is emailed a signed copy (with a digital signing audit trail), and the document is also stored in the deal for all parties to access anytime.

And if you realize you have to change the document, Propdocs makes it super easy to edit the document and seamlessly continue with the signing process.

Let’s Go!

Now that you have a general understanding of the complete end-to-end workflow, it’s time to go get some deals done!

Questions? Feel free to email us at support@propdocs.com.