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What if I have a lot of document templates to upload?

One of the best benefits of using Propdocs is the complete management of your document templates. If you have a lot of templates to upload, that’s where our Template Transfer team steps in!

Template Transfer Team
Our expert template transfer team has seen it all, from simple one-page word documents to lengthy lease and sale documents with tables and appendices that stretch even the best of us. The good news is that they know how to move documents from whatever tools you work into our solution… accurately and efficiently. We love efficient documents too!

Template Transfer in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Gather the documents you and/or your clients regularly use, ideally in Microsoft Word format.
  2. Send them via email (the same email as your Propdocs account) to the Template Transfer team at templates@propdocs.com
  3. The team will transfer the documents into your Propdocs account Templates folder.


Why use the Template Transfer team?

  • Eliminate time copying and pasting: Depending on how old or lengthy your documents may be, there can sometimes be formatting challenges in moving to a new system. We eliminate any potential time wasted in doing so, while simultaneously optimizing and cleaning your documents formatting.
  • Prioritize what matters most: Prodpocs is here to streamline your deal paperwork, starting with Day One! Let us take care of getting your documents set up, freeing you up to work on the things that matter most!
  • Guaranteed results: We only copy/paste or upload the documents you provide directly into your Propdocs account. Your documents are private to you, and the only work we do is to ensure formatting mirrors as closely as possible the document formats you have been used to all along – in many cases we’re able to improve them! Nothing is changed in your documents. The Propdocs Template Transfer team also does a manual check to ensure your deal documents are clean and as-provided.


Questions? Contact us at support@propdocs.com