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What is Propdocs?

Why have you been invited to Propdocs?
You have been invited to review documents in a new browser-based collaborative platform, a new online tool that helps real estate teams review, update, negotiate, and sign agreements more easily. 

What is Propdocs?
Propdocs is a secure, automatically backed-up, internet cloud-based tool.
Propdocs streamlines your deals, enabling you to collaborate on your documents with tenants, landlords, and brokers all in one place.
All the changes, comments, and updates to the documents you will make will be tracked as you negotiate on the elements in your deals.
Everyone saves time, while mistakes and confusion are a thing from the past!
No more exports to PDFs are needed!

Do I need any special software or download anything to use Propdocs?
No special software is required. No download of third-party plug-ins is necessary. You can access Propdocs from anywhere within your web browser.  

Where can I get more information or help using Propdocs?
Propdocs has a support page with Q&As here: https://www.propdocs.com/support/.

Live Chat
If you need LIVE help, just hit our help button in Propdocs (looks like this, bottom ride hand side of your browser):