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What Types of Templates can I create?

You have the ability to create multiple types of templates inside of the Template Manager. This includes:

  1. Fully Editable Document Templates
  2. Restricted Editing Document Templates
  3. PDF based Document Templates
  4. Clause Templates

Fully Editable Document Templates 

Document templates are selected when first creating a document  and selecting the ‘from Template’ option. The fully editable template will permit document editors to change and add any content in the final document (including images, tables, lists). This type of template is most often used when you want to give document drafters ultimate flexibility.

Restricted Editing Document Templates 

The restricted document templates have specified areas inside of the template which can be edited when a user selects that template for a document. This template is often used when you want to maintain the majority of the document’s structure and provide fill in spaces for document creators to add text, and make the document specific to their deal and scenario (example; recipients info, term length, etc).

PDF based Document Templates

A PDF document can be uploaded and used as a document template. Compared to other document template types, the ability to change the content in a pdf is limited. Users who select this template can strike through text, fill in embedded form fields, and add free text boxes to the document.  If your team has a PDF form that is used across many deals, this is a great use for this type of template.

Clause Templates 

Clause templates are not selected when first creating a document for a deal. Instead, these templates are available to insert in to a document which was created from blank or from a fully editable document template. The clauses templates are best used for content and language which is included in multiple documents and scenarios, and its inclusion is left to the discretion the person drafting the document.