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Why can’t I edit a Document?

There are a few potential reasons why you may not be able to edit a document in Propdocs:

1. You do not have the correct permissions

Only users with the appropriate editor permissions will be able to edit a document. Contact your team admin if you think you were mistakenly given the incorrect permissions.

2. Your team does not have possession of the Document

When the document is in the reviewing status, only one team can have possession of the document at a time. The team without document possession will be prevented from making any edits until the possession has been returned to them by the counterparty. Learn more about document possession here

3. Your teammate is editing the document

To prevent the clashing of changes, Propdocs controls the editing to only be permitted by one user at a time. If your teammate is editing the document, your will not have the functionality to make changes yourself. Wait until your teammate has completed their changes and exited the document.

4. Document is in the signing or executed states

No user can edit a document once it has moved to the signing or executed statuses. If the document requires changes during the signing process, the document creator can cancel signing and revert the document back to an editable state.

If you continue to face problems with emails please contact us at support@propdocs.com