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Why Propdocs?

CRE transactions don’t have to be costly, time-consuming, or complex. Streamline your deals with Propdocs to effortlessly collaborate with tenants, landlords, buyers, sellers, and brokers to close deals faster.

    • Your Agreement The Way You Want

Customize your own document on the fly, with full control to build the right agreement for each deal.

    • Don’t Waste Time Duplicating

Automatically generate summaries for the latest version of the agreement, in real-time, at any stage in the leasing process.

    • Collaborate Securely in the Cloud

Stop marking up scanned PDFs. All of your documents are automatically backed up, so you never lose your most recent changes, no matter where you are.

    • Control Who Has Access

Manage view, create, comment and sign permissions. Set up your team with only the specific access they need for each deal.

    • Legally Binding eSignatures

Ready to Sign? Easily request and add legally binding signatures to your agreements, electronically.

    • Streamline Payments Online (Optional)

Automated bank transfers process rent and deposits based on agreement terms.  Verified funds eliminate NSF fees.

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