Product Updates – April 2022

by | Product Updates

We reach spring with an exciting set of new features! April’s product updates will streamline your experience with the counterparties on your deals and enhance your collaboration.


Invite your Counterparty

Ready to share the deal with your counterparty? Easily share from the deal overview page and grant access to the other party on the deal. Once the counterparty is given access to the deal, they can interact with documents you share, build their team, and collaborate with you directly on Propdocs.


Share Documents or Keep Them Internal

Documents can be kept out of the view of the invited counterparty until you and your team are ready to share them. Keep documents in the draft status while your team builds it up, and share it with the counterparty when you are ready for them to take a look and begin the negotiation and collaboration process. 


Expanded Document Section (coming soon)

Soon you will be able to create additional documents, have your counterparty contribute documents, and unlock the ability to upload pertinent deal documentation. These changes will ensure all participants have a full picture of the deal from directly in Propdocs.