Product Updates – April 2023

by | Product Updates

An exciting set of new features were introduced this past month! April’s product updates will make your ability to customize documents easier and allow you to collaborate and negotiate more efficiently in Propdocs.

Custom Form Builder

We have introduced a form builder in every PDF upload in Propdocs. The form builder will allow you to create forms with custom placed text fields and checkboxes to be filled out by users with the correct permissions. Use the form builder to create forms from scratch, convert your PDFs to fillable forms, or add additional form fields to existing forms.

Expanded Form Filling

Would you like to give your counterparty permissions to fill in a form in Propdocs? We have recently introduced a control that allows you to specify who can fill in form fields for a document. You can open up form filling to include your counterparty by changing the form filling permission on a pdf document.

Additional List Types

At Propdocs, we understand the importance of managing various list styles. To enhance your experience, we have made improvements to the conversion process during the import of Word documents. Our latest refinements ensure your formatting remains intact after the import. With this update, you can now create numbered lists in several new styles, including multi-level formats.