Product Updates – April 2024

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As we approach warmer weather, we’re excited to introduce a fresh wave of enhancements to Propdocs! April’s product updates continue our commitment to empowering you in drafting and negotiating documents with greater speed and ease. From seamless collaboration with teammates to smoother interactions with counterparts, our latest improvements aim to elevate your Propdocs experience to new heights

Control Over Notifications

You now have more control over the deals in which you will receive email notifications for in Propdocs. We put the power in your hands to select when you want email notifications and when you would not. Notifications can be silenced on a deal-by-deal basis and you can also set your default preferences for future deals.

Standard CRE Contracts

AIR CRE_Logo Contracts_Color_RGB.png

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with AIR CRE Contracts, bringing you a comprehensive library of state-specific, expertly crafted CRE contracts. These contracts are designed to be neutral and cost-effective, helping you close deals faster by reducing legal fees and deal friction. Any Propdocs user can purchase these contracts, granting unlimited access to use the templates. More contract libraries are expected to be launched soon!

Coming Soon!

Eager to peek into what’s coming next? We’ve got a few exciting developments simmering away that are bound to pique your curiosity

  • Template Placeholder Rollout: Simplify document creation even further with placeholders in templates. This smart addition will make it a breeze for collaborators to fill in details, ensuring seamless customization.
  • Internal Review Enhancements: Several updates are in the works to the internal review and approval feature. This include the ability to permit approvers to edit the document during their approval, creating a more seamless approval flow.