Product Updates – June 2022

by | Product Updates

Propdocs continues to evolve, providing additional ways to improve your deal negotiations in addition to your internal and external collaborations. The product updates in June will provide benefits while collaborating with your counterpart and ensuring your documents are ready for signing.


Document Possession

Never lose access to the document while your team is collaborating on changes to send to your counterpart. With the introduction of the Document Possession flow, only the team in ‘possession’ of the document can edit or view document changes while the document is in the reviewing state. Your team can make all of their suggestions and changes without interruption before sending the document possession back to your counterpart to review. 


Add & Re-order Signers

Your control on the document signers has increased significantly this month. Add as many signers to the document as you need, re-order, edit, and remove signers with ease from the signer sidebar. The experience for signers is straightforward and can be completed in seconds.


Updated Signer Preparation – Coming Soon!

Soon you will be able to pinpoint any spot on the document for signer(s) to provide their signature, name, and initials, You will have complete control on the look and placement of signatures inside of your documents in Propdocs.