Product Updates – March 2022

by | Product Updates

We march forward with some impactful new updates! This month saw the introduction of changes which allow you to gain further insights in the negotiation process, highlighted by:


Version History

Never lose a version of your document again! With the version history feature, you can save the current version of the document, revert to previous versions, or compare two versions at any time during the collaboration process. You will have a full picture of how the agreement has evolved in Propdocs.


Custom Document Names

Distinguish between your documents in Propdocs by specifying a name on creation. The name of the document can be updated and will be used to inform your team and the counterparty about changes and milestones in the negotiation process. 


Expanded Document Section (coming soon)

Soon you will be able to create additional documents, have your counterparty contribute documents, and unlock the ability to upload pertinent deal documentation. These changes will ensure all participants have a full picture of the deal from directly in Propdocs.

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