Product Updates – May 2022

by | Product Updates

An impressive package of new updates was delivered since our last check-in. May’s product updates build on the changes made in the first quarter of 2022, to take your deal collaboration experience to a new level.


Multiple Documents for One Deal

The deal you are working on could have many documents which are pertinent to collaboration and negotiations. With this update, you can add as many documents to the deal as you wish and share each with your counterparty individually. Leverage Propdocs as the deal room, with all parties able to access all salient documents and information in one place.   


Two-sided Document Creation

Deals are rarely one-sided, and many require both parties to create, draft, and share documents. We have unlocked the potential for all parties on the deal to create their own documents, apply their own templates, and share with all deal participants when it’s time to collaborate and sign.


Sales, Leases, and Other Transaction

Collaborating on a sale, on a lease, on another transaction? Propdocs can handle all of your commercial real estate deals in the same platform, with a simple identifier for each deal and template to help streamline the experience and avoid the noise when drafting a new agreement.