Product Updates – September 2023

by | Product Updates

Another batch of updates were delivered this month for your benefit in Propdocs. September’s product updates will assist you in navigating the app and ensuring you gain the most from your experience on Propdocs.

Organization Membership Management

You will now have more insights in to your membership in different organizations on Propdocs. We have worked with our partners to ensure your memberships are quickly approved, you can see your membership expiry date, and are notified when a membership expires. Always be on top of your memberships from the “Organizations” page.

Track Change Status – Draft Documents

There is one less thing for teammates to do when they open the doc! Propdocs will now keep track changes turned on in a draft document. When you are done editing a draft document, leave track changes turned on, and that will carry forward to the next teammate that opens the doc.  Remember – track changes are always on when the document is shared with the counterparty.