Product Updates – February 2023

by | Product Updates

The latest changes in Propdocs brings exciting new enhancements that make it easier than ever to manage your documents. February’s updates will further streamline your workflow, improve collaboration, and allow you to easily make updates.

Send Documents through Email

If your counterparty prefers to receive a document via email, you have the option to email documents directly from the Propdocs document editor. Propdocs can send documents to any email address, while tracking all replies and comments in the Deal Activity. Propdocs will capture all attachments and help eliminate the need for searching through emails and any uncertainty about which is the latest version. This feature optimizes the process of sharing documents by improving communication, and enhances the document management process.

Signing Progress

Track the progress of signing directly from Propdocs. The new signing progress feature allows users to track who has signed a document and who still needs to sign before it is finalized. Users can streamline the signing process, save time, and avoid delays. Signing progress can be viewed from the document table or the header of the document editor.

Custom Document Header and Footer

Customizing documents is made easier with the ability to create and edit the document’s header and footer in Propdocs. Users can add their own logos, company information, and other details to the header and footer sections of their documents. This feature provides users with more control over the appearance of documents, making it easier to create professional-looking documents that reflect their corporate brand and style.