Product Updates – January 2023

by | Product Updates

2023 brings in new updates designed to make your experience more efficient in Propdocs. January’s product updates introduce enhancements to streamline your workflow and collaboration.

Document Activity

Easily track comments and suggestions activity within the Document Activity sidebar. This feature makes it easy to see who made changes to the document, and when, with a timeline view of recent activity. With Document Activity you’ll never miss a comment or suggestion from your team or the counterparty.

Edit/Compare Modes

Quickly switch between editing and comparing versions of the document using the edit/compare toggle in the document editor. The Edit view allows you to make updates and changes to the document, while the Compare view allows you to review version history and compare changes side by side. This feature makes it easy to track progress and ensure accuracy, improving the collaboration and workflow in your document management process.

Additional Signed Document Recipients 

You can now specify individuals who should receive a copy of the signed document, even if they are not signers or participants in the deal on Propdocs. This feature helps keep all relevant parties informed and in the loop, without requiring manual distribution. This streamlines the process and ensures important documents are shared with the right people at the right time.