Product Updates – February 2024

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The shortest month of the year was not short of enhancements in Propdocs! February’s product updates remove barriers for teammates and counterparties invited to Propdocs and makes their experience even more seamless!

Effortless Onboarding and Deal Access

We have overhauled the experience for everyone you invite to your team or as the counterparty to your deals. Now, when you invite someone to your team or as a counterparty, they can effortlessly access the designated deal and document. This same effortless experience is carried over to emails that require an action from any user. The streamlined process ensures a swift and secure entry via email, making the Propdocs experience feel like magic for everyone involved. Simplify collaboration, amplify efficiency- its a whole new level of deal execution convenience. Welcome to the future of hassle-free access!

Coming Soon!

Curious about what’s on the horizon? We’ve got a couple things in the works that might catch your interest.

-Quick Template to Document: Create new documents directly from templates. It’ll be even easier to go from template to deal with our upcoming enhancements in the Template Manager.

-Enhanced Notification Controls: Take charge of your inbox with more control over email notifications. Customize settings to suit your preferences and stay informed without the noise.

-Template Placeholder Rollout: Simplify document creation even further with placeholders in templates. This smart addition will make it a breeze for collaborators to fill in details, ensuring seamless customization.

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