Product Updates – January 2024

by | Product Updates

The new year has brought changes in Propdocs that enhance your experience on all devices. January’s product updates are tailored to ensure your deals are always moving forward, with less barriers in the collaboration and negotiation processes.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

Trying to access propdocs from a mobile device? You can now easily navigate the main pages (Deals, Templaes, People, Clauses, Deal Overview) from a smaller screen without compromise. The propdocs experience has been optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to view your deals on the go!

A Reminder to your Counterparty

We have included some new check-points with the counterparty to ensure they are always familiar with what to do next. The counterparty will be prompted to send the document back when they make changes, ensuring the deal always moves forward and is never stale.

Coming Soon!

We have several changes coming soon that will make it easier for everyone to access Propdocs. Invited teammates and counterparties will only need to open their email to access propdocs, The new experience will ensure the right people are accessing the deal, and additional sign up steps are eliminated, it’ll be like magic!