Product Updates – January 2022

by | Product Updates

It’s a new year, and with that comes our first set of release notes for 2022! This month’s product updates will help your team to further streamline your collaboration and negotiation activities.


Template Manager

You can now manage templates for your team with the new Template Manager! The Template Manager gives you complete control on the look, feel, and content of your templates, ensuring your team is always using the most up to date materials in their deals. Creating and editing templates for your entire team has never been easier!


Private Comments

Want to make a comment for only your teammates to see? With the Private Comment functionality, decide between making your comment publicly visible or private to only the members of your team. Ditch those hard to follow email chains, and maintain all of your private and public comments inside Propdocs for easier collaboration! 


Version History (coming soon!)


Soon you will be able to save, restore, and compare versions of your document inside of Propdocs. Save a version you may want to come back to, and easily compare how the deal has evolved during the negotiation process.