Product Updates – July 2022

by | Product Updates

We are moving to a new era of notifications and customizability for signing in Propdocs. July’s product updates introduced changes that will make creating a deal, staying notified on recent changes, and the signer experience easier and more efficient for everyone involved.


Updated Signer Preparation

Before the document is sent for signing, you have the opportunity to specify who the signers of the document will be, where on the document each will sign, and their signing order. Add additional signer focus points for each signer, including spots to initial the document and fill in a text field. You now have complete control on the look and feel of the signing sections for your documents. 


Improved Deal Notifications

Never miss a recent change to the deal or a document during the negotiation process. We have re-tooled our Activity Card to ensure it captures all of the pertinent deal events for yourself and your counterparty. Email notifications have also been updated to inform you of document changes by your teammates and other changes in the deal that may require your immediate attention. 


Clause Management – Coming Soon!

Manage clauses for your team and easily insert full clauses in to documents. Soon, the clause management feature will be available in Propdocs, further enhancing your team’s ability to quickly create documents and never be out of date!