Product Updates – August 2022

by | Product Updates

The final leg of summer has brought some exciting new features to Propdocs! August’s product updates build on past enhancements made to the negotiation and collaboration flow, further improving your document experience while using Propdocs.


Clause Management

The new clause management feature allows you and your teammates to easily insert commonly used clauses or conditions in to your document with the drag of your mouse. Clauses can be as simple as small blocks of text or as complex as multi-page schedules featuring images, lists, highlighted text, and tables. You can easily manage the clauses available to your team and update them with the latest approved language, ensuring your team is never out of sync.


Internal Team Documents

You now have the ability to create documents and move them through the entire signing flow without needing to share it with your counterparty. These could be internal documents which should only be visible to your teammates or documents which require no negotiation with your counterparty inside of Propdocs. You retain the ability to share the document with your counterparty once signing has been completed.

Upload Documents – Coming Soon!

Upload documents to store and share with everyone on the deal. Soon you will be able to upload documents from your files, share them with your counterparty, and send them through the same signing process as documents created inside of Propdocs.