Product Updates – October 2022

by | Product Updates

This past month saw changes which will enhance your ability to collaborate on deals in Propdocs. October’s product updates allow you to add more document types to a deal, furthering the ability to create and share key deal documents and important information with your team and counterparties.

Upload PDF 

Upload your PDF documents in to Propdocs. These documents can be shared with your team, the counterparty, and sent for signing directly from Propdocs. Continue to expand your deal room to further collaboration and negotiation in your deals.

Does your team use forms which need to be filled out? You can upload a PDF form and complete all the requirements directly in Propdocs with the Upload PDF feature. Simply upload a PDF with form fields, and complete the form in Propdocs. The form is ready to be shared or sent to signing!

PDF Templates

If a PDF file is not specific to a deal, a template can be created from that document and used across all deals by your team. Increase the breadth of your team templates inside of Propdocs by creating templates out of forms and other pdf documents. The template manager continues to ensure your team is always using the correct templates and never out of date.

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